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Ready to travel and discover a country of 1000 opportunities? Our experience and network abroad are here to help you like thousands of others who have successfully invested or relocated in Rwanda.

Rwanda ranked 48th among 180 countries across the world in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2018 published by Transparency International, making it the least corrupted country in East and Central Africa and the fourth least corrupted in the entire African continent.

A Rwandan entrepreneur has just two procedures and three days to start a business.

The country has great potential for both service and industrial development. Industries that are currently booming are information technology(IT), agro processing, light manufacturing, tourism and energy.

Investors have more protection, insolvency reorganization has been streamlined, and a wider range of assets are used as collateral to access credit.


Sharing a daily Life with a local Community. Rwandan hospitality translates to the words: Ikaze, Murisanga, Mugubwe neza. 

It is not in standard hotels that you can experience it. You have to live it in humble homestays where a stopover for one or more nights turns into a convivial experience. It is through the unexpected moments that you fully live the immersion in the inhabitant’s home.You can move from one family to another without repetition.

We support local entrepreneurs in promoting the know-how of their territories. Thus, beyond accommodation in local homes, a wide range of cultural activities are designed to highlight local traditions: agriculture, handicrafts, celebrations, etc. The idea is to encourage your participation in local life, meeting farmers, artists, ceramists, jewelers, etc. At the same time, families benefit from the economic spin-offs of the activities.

East-African Safari

Our adventures include everything you expect when you imagine Rwanda and East Africa Safari.

Close up encounters with our incredible wildlife. Long drives through our breath taking landscapes and romantic sundowners at remote safari lodges.

We have the privilege of working for some of the worlds best safari companies. So when it came to starting our adventures, we focused on the parts we know our customers truly value.

Story telling experience

Are you eager to exchange and curious to learn more about  Rwanda Culture?

 Concerned about the value of the country’s traditions?

we integrate the involvement of the inhabitants in the co-creation of the experience with you. The richness of Rwandan culture is expressed in many dimensions: history,storytelling, language, cuisine, crafts, music etc To reveal such a vast array of opportunities, we rely on the expertise of Rwandans who make it their profession.

During a meeting with them, they share basic knowledge in the form of an informal « master class ». Whether you are a tea lover, a history buff, or a dancer, they will engage you in an exchange like a friend.


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